Video Sync Calc

This calculator is designed to sync video content to music based on FPS and BPM.
It was originally developed in a working form for the Broadway Production of American Psycho in an Excel Document by Joe Spinogatti.
It is converted to a HTML, CSS, and JQuery based calculator here.

User Input
Song Tempo (BPM):
Video Frame Rate (FPS):
Sync to What Subdivision?

Beat Sync Every Frames
Beat Sync Every Seconds

Beat Sync Every Seconds (Exact)
Frames Per Beat (FPB):
Beats Per Second (BPS):

Visible Calculations

Beats Per Minute (BPM):
Frames Per Second (FPS):
Beat Value:
Exact Frames:
Decimal Form (Seconds Per Frame):
Beats Per Second:
Exact Seconds:

Downloads of all files available through links above.
| Joe Spinogatti

Stats for Nerds

D3 Playback Speed (Decimal):
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D3 Playback Speed (Percent):
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