The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I Feel Infinite.

Location: New Hazlett Theatre. Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania
Company: Prime Stage Theatre

Dear friend,

A world premiere production adapted from the 1999 coming-of-age epistolary novel by author Stephen Chbosky.


Best Theatrical Production
City Paper 'Best of Pittsburgh' Awards


Rohn’s collage of short scenes, punctuated now and then by a longer one, quickens the pace of Jeffrey R. Cordell’s sometimes slow direction. The use of images projected onto an upstage screen allows the play to visualize the novel’s epistolary structure and even recreate the movie’s jubilant night ride through the Fort Pitt Tunnel.

Pittsburgh City Paper

In the New Hazlett’s thrust space, set designer Johnmichael Bohach has used a yellow arch suggesting a Pittsburgh bridge to frame a white wall for Joe Spinogatti’s projections of places, Charlie’s lists and still photography suggested in the script.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

[Going through the tunnel] is excellently, excellently done, in the play; they do a very nice job. It’s mixed-media.

‘Burgh Vivant


Based on the Novel by

Steven Chbosky

Adapted by

Hailey Rohn


Jeffery Cordell

Scenic Design

Johnmichael Bohach

Costume Design

Kim Brown

Lighting Design

JR Shaw

Sound Design

Angela Baughman

Projection Design

Joe Spinogatti for Joe Spinogatti Designs


Projection Design

Joe Spinogatti

Assistant Projections Designer

Hayley Ulmer