The Giver

[lab_heading title=”The Giver.”]Prime Stage Theatre. New Hazlett Theatre. Pittsburgh, PA.[/lab_heading]


Video Design | Joe Spinogatti

Lighting Design | JR Shaw

Sound Design | Angela Baughman

Scenic Design | Johnmichael Bohach

Costume Design | Kim Brown

Director | Melissa Grande


Joe Spinogatti’s stunning video projections are played across of 26 panels hung on the back wall of the stage like a hip 1960s TV variety show, and become increasingly crucial to the impact of the performance, right to the ending.
The Giver, Prime Stage Theatre | Stuart Shepard, Critic – Pittsburgh City Paper

Video designer Joe Spinogatti and sound designer Angela Baughman vividly enliven the memories the Giver imparts to Jonas in images projected on the rectangular screens and sound effects that immerse us in the memory with him – the sound of wind and snow, of a horse’s gallop, of laughter and music at a birthday party.
The Giver, Prime Stage Theatre | Wendy Arons, Critic – Pittsburgh Tatler, Assoc. Professor – Dramatic Literature at Carnegie Mellon University



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